Life is precious then we all head West

Alive one minute, gone the next

Some say we've all been here before

I don't recall any distant shore

     As you step into your car, my heart is beating hard

    The distance feels so far that you must travel before

    I know you're safe inside another door

Imagine a turtle swims the seven seas

Slips its neck inside a ring of beads

A slender girl once lost them in the sand

Now she's a weathered woman but she found a loving man

       What are the chances?  What are the chances?

We quest and we question in this human form

Tossed and turned in the waves from the moment we're born

Visionary hands shape the universe

We can pull a blessing from a curse

     As you step into your car, our hearts are beating hard 

    The distance feels so far that we must separate before

    We both arrive on another shore 

I want to know you're safe

I want your arms around me still

I want to know you more

Just like I did before

I want to know you are safe


 Milvale Recording Studios



 Adrien: vocals--keys-guitar 

 Neko: producer--bass-effects 

 Rich Sherwood: drums 

 Mocha: bg vocals